July 13, 2010

Joining the Perfect Church

This picture at the Jesus Creed blog reminded me of a joke I heard from a college roommate:

A man is stranded on a desert island for some time. When he is finally rescued, his rescuers tour the island and discover three small huts.

"This one is where I lived," the man replies when asked about the huts. "And that one is where I went to church."

"What about the third hut?" the rescuers ask.

"Oh," the man replies, shaking his head, "that's where I used to go to church."


Targuman said...

I wonder if I was the roommate. That is an old joke usually told about a Jewish man. There is a Jewish "tradition" that there is always one synagogue in town where you would simply would never set foot it....

keo said...

Hi Cb,
Perhaps, perhaps. I have certainly appreciated your influence in my life over the years. I thought the desert island part was a nice touch!