May 6, 2011

The Low Guilt Christian Checklist

Here's an excerpt from Chaplain Mike's refreshing essay in defense of Christians who are "just Christians." Thanks InternetMonk!
It’s OK to say, “I don’t know.” Doesn’t make you less of a Christian.
Baptized as an infant? OK. Dunked in the creek as a young teen? OK.
Love to receive communion because you meet Jesus there, but have no idea how to explain it? In my opinion, that’s OK.
Because you trust in Jesus.
You know in your heart that you’re broken and need fixing.
That’s what you know, and that’s who you are.
You’re just a Christian.
And that’s OK.
I have many strong opinions about the Bible and Christianity -- and shelves of theological books. I also believe that, in the end, most of our knowledge won't have mattered much, and less will matter anymore. Means to an end, merely. Lenses by which we try to make better sense of our lives. The real issue is who we know, and who knows us. 


Anonymous said...

No no, God won't like you unless you have the exactly right set of beliefs--which just happen to coincide with my own set of beliefs. Would you like to see my impressive list of internet links which summarize my position on superlapsarianism?

keo said...

Nicely put.

Mmmmm.... Superlapsarianism....